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5 iPhone privacy settings you should already be using

iphone privacy settings

100 million Americans are iPhone users according to Statista. iPhones have become an integral part of many of our lives, and hold all sorts of private information such as the places we’ve visited (both on and offline), our shopping history, our search history, our health data, who we’ve swiped right on, our text messages to […]

How to safely and anonymously browse the Internet

how to safely browse the internet

Most of us use the Internet every single day, whether for work or for fun. Knowing how to safely and anonymously browse the web is essential for protecting your personal privacy. Especially considering the privacy risks posed by unsafe browsing which could leave sensitive personal data compromised. There are a number of steps that can […]

Google Home & Your Privacy

google home privacy

When we need information, we Google it. When we have a question, we Google it. Google has often provided the answers to all our search queries, and with their smart speaker the Google Home (Nest), you can now ask Google all your questions with a simple “Okay Google”. Smart devices like Google Home and Alexa […]

Digital Privacy in America: 10 Key Takeaways

digital privacy in the usa

Now more than ever, the news has been inundated with privacy concerns and red flags that have been raised as the world population has become increasingly reliant on the internet to conduct our daily affairs. There are numerous recent examples of the consequences of overlooked privacy risks. For example, the recent uptick in incidents of […]

Is Houseparty safe? 7 easy steps to protect yourself


Many of us have searched for fun and creative ways to stay connected with others while staying safe at home. The Houseparty app has risen in popularity as it allows users to video chat while playing interactive games together. However, recently the Houseparty app has faced a backlash against data privacy concerns and doubts about […]

What you need to know about RFID Payment Cards

rfid payment cards

Introduction With new innovations in credit card technology, it is becoming easier to make payments, while increasing transaction security at the same time. One such development in payment card industry is the use of Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID technology. With the help of this technology, users are able to make payments by putting their […]

Privacy and the Coronavirus. Why does it matter?

privacy coronavirus

In short this article:  Summarizes key points in the ongoing privacy discussion related to the coronavirus. Discusses the use of mobile applications in the fight against the coronavirus Explains why we shouldn’t just give up on privacy Emphasizes why “It’s not about you, it’s about us”. Reading time: 5 minutes “Many surveillance companies have a […]

Working from home safety tips

working from home safety tips

With many of us advised to work from home on our personal devices during the coronavirus outbreak, it is important for companies to address the privacy risks associated with remote work so that their employees can safely work from home. Concerns about employees working from home On 13 March, 2020 the US Department of Homeland […]