4 Steps To Protect Your Privacy When You Travel

Did you know that when you plug your iPhone into a public USB port at an airport you might be putting your personal data at risk? By adopting a privacy-aware mindset when traveling, you can protect yourself from potential privacy […]

spyslide webcam cover

Why it’s a good idea to use a webcam cover

Webcam covers block your device’s camera to provide protection against webcam hacks. Covering up your webcam is a hands-on solution to a digital privacy problem. Webcam covers aren’t just for your laptop, they can be used on smartphones and tablets […]


Here’s how to delete a TikTok account

TikTok has had its fair share of negative news coverage in the past weeks. From being banned in countries like India, to data harvesting concerns, many users may decide they no longer wish to have TikTok on their phone. Despite […]


Social media privacy protection checklist: Facebook

For many of us early adopters, looking back on posts from the early years of our Facebook profiles is like stepping back in time. Seeing old posts and pictures can bring up a variety of feelings and emotions, from nostalgia […]


Avoiding LinkedIn job scams

LinkedIn is a popular tool for job seekers searching for future employment opportunities. However, job seekers should be aware of the potential for scams and phishing attempts on the job platforms they use – including LinkedIn. For example, Business Insider […]


Advice on how to protect your privacy while protesting

Smartphones have served as a tool to help bring awareness of ongoing racial injustices happening every day in the U.S. and around the world. For example, the footage of the death of George Floyd sparked Black Lives Matter protests across […]


Dutch passport cover helps prevent identity fraud. Could this be a global solution?

What do a telescope, CD, and WiFi all have in common? They are all Dutch inventions! The Dutch are known for their cool technology and innovation, and this identity protecting passport cover is no exception. Spy-Fy’s new passport cover is helping […]


Why you need an iPhone case with a camera cover in 2020

In 2020, an iPhone case with a camera cover is a must-have. Without an iPhone camera cover, privacy risks are high. Our iPhones are almost literally connected to us at the hip – we take them everywhere. Imagine the potential […]


5 iPhone privacy settings you should already be using.

100 million Americans are iPhone users according to Statista. iPhones have become an integral part of many of our lives, and hold all sorts of private information such as the places we’ve visited (both on and offline), our shopping history, […]

anoymous browser

How to safely and anonymously browse the Internet

Most of us use the Internet every single day, whether for work or for fun. Knowing how to safely and anonymously browse the web is essential for protecting your personal privacy. Especially considering the privacy risks posed by unsafe browsing […]

Google Home and Privacy

Google Home & Your Privacy

When we need information, we Google it. When we have a question, we Google it. Google has often provided the answers to all our search queries, and with their smart speaker the Google Home (Nest), you can now ask Google […]


Digital Privacy in America: 10 Key Takeaways

Now more than ever, the news has been inundated with privacy concerns and red flags that have been raised as the world population has become increasingly reliant on the internet to conduct our daily affairs. There are numerous recent examples […]

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