Laptop Camera Cover – Stop Peeping Toms and Improve Your Privacy

Laptop camera cover? What’s that? Before we start explaining, let’s ask you a question. Did you know that someone could be spying on you right now through your laptop’s camera? Sounds scary and hair raising right? Well, that’s the reality […]


Laptop Camera Cover: Camera Sticker or Webcam Cover?

How to cover your camera on your laptop? Is webcam hacking a thing of the past, or does it become more relevant than ever? Many people have been asking this question to themselves and to be sure, they cover up […]


Webcam Cover Macbook

Webcam Cover Macbook: what is your best choice? Apple’s Macbook is a beautiful and powerful device that deserves nothing less than a decent webcam cover to match its smooth design. However, most webcam covers are not suitable for the Macbook. […]

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