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T-Mobile data breach: how does it affect you and your company?

More than 53 million people were subject to T-Mobile data breach at the end of 2021. That’s even a conservative estimation since that’s what the telecom provider itself reported. However, some reports even state that the data of more than 100 million customers could be included. That’s the equivalent of the entire customer base of […]

How do you know if someone is hacking into your iPad or iPhone camera?

[divider align=”center” width=”70px”] Apple is continuing to break sales records with their new products. The tech giant has done a great marketing job, making more and more people buy their products.  One asset of Apple is that people buy not just one product. Indeed, the compatibility between the Apple products, iOS software, and iCloud makes […]

Why do you still need a webcam cover in 2022

sliding webcam cover

Cybercriminals are at large, data breaches and identity theft have just become post covid adage. This post covid world has instigated the reign of cyber threats all over the world. As the world is recovering from the pandemic, it is advised to conserve one’s security. Camfecting is a bigger issue than it is considered but […]

How to change your privacy settings on iPhone?

safari iphone privacy setting

  Do you ever feel monitored or tracked while browsing the internet? Like when you search for something online, the next thing you know you are flooded with adverts for it. Everything you do online is secretly monitored and recorded and this very thing becomes the tool for many advertising companies. They built their networks […]

Is Strava safe to use? Privacy issues with fitness apps


Without using the privacy settings on Strava, a stranger could learn where you live, when you run, and where you run. Runners using fitness apps should consider the privacy risks. For example, Strava, a social fitness tracking app, has recently been criticized because users may not realize how public their personal information may be. The public […]