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How to use Facebook’s updated Privacy Checkup tool

How to use Facebook's updated Privacy Checkup tool

What is Facebook’s Privacy Checkup? Facebook’s Privacy Checkup tool is meant to help make it easier for users to understand their current privacy and security settings. This includes helping users to see which information is being shared on their profile, and who it is being shared with. Facebook has had the Privacy Checkup tool since […]

Article 13 and Its Implication for Internet Privacy

article 13

Since the EU passed the highly controversial Article 13, a lot of concerns have been raised. Discussions aimed at addressing its likely effect on the internet and its users have been rampant. Most people are complaining about how it will stifle creativity and stem the emerging culture of the internet. The internet might just become something […]

Cybercrime Russia – Russia’s Hackers’ Dreamland?

cybercrime russia

With Russia currently holding the title as the world’s leader in cybercrimes, many have described it as hackers’ dreamland. There’s a general feeling among nations of the world that Russia is aiding and abetting cybercrimes on many levels. Russia is currently suspected of hacking or attempting to hack into important infrastructures of a number of […]