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iOS 13 Privacy and Security Features You Should Know

ios 13 privacy

With security and privacy taking center stage in the world of information technology, one of the most important factors anyone should consider when purchasing a mobile device or any kind of IT equipment that offers features with regards to ensuring the security of your information as well as your privacy. With the release of iOS […]

How to increase my Android privacy?

android privacy

Our focus in this article is android privacy since android users are rightfully skeptical about the privacy of their devices. Given that the number of people who use at least one Android device around the world has now been predicted at about 2.5 billion, it is very important that we look at how to ensure […]

How Much Does Cybercrime Cost?

how much does cybercrime cost

By the Year 2021, Losses from Cyber Crimes May Reach Up to $6 Trillion. Just in case you are shocked as indeed you should be, the title you just read is very true. According to a report by Aon, interestingly titled “Prepare for the Expected: Safeguarding Value in the Era of Cyber Risk”, the cumulative […]

Ring Doorbell: Invasion of Privacy?

ring doorbell invasion of privacy

What! Doorbell an invasion of privacy? Whose privacy exactly? With the constantly escalating privacy wars going on today, the attention of the world has been drawn to the potential privacy issue that our own home security system may portend. Most doorbells today now have cameras and a lot of them record footage that is stored […]

How To Keep Your Passport Safe?

How To Keep Your Passport Safe

In many countries, the passport not only serves as a travel document but also a proof of citizenship, identity, age, and address. Applying for a new passport can be a tedious and expensive process depending on where you live and may require notarized documents and/or verification of identity and address proof by government officials. Small […]

How Do I Make My iPhone Completely Private?

How Do I Make My iPhone Completely Private

As privacy continues to be a major concern for users of various mobile devices today, iPhone users are not in any way exempt. Data mining and access to personal information have become something that even the most trusted of companies now engage in. While we wait for such a time when there will be adequate […]

How to Set Your Facebook Account to Private

how to set your facebook account to private

We all have loads of fun on Facebook. People love to share every single detail about their lives and those of their families. We just bought a new car! We are vacationing in the Bahamas and other information that is not necessarily important for everyone to know. Have you really ever thought about the possible […]

Is “The Great Hack” a True Story?

is the great hack a true story

A lot of people ask if “The Great Hack” is based on a true story. Have you seen the Netflix movie or documentary “The Great Hack”? If you haven’t, then you should really try to or at least you can read a review of it here. Once again, brought to the fore is the issue […]

How does a RFID Card work?

how does a rfid card work

Introduction about how does a RFID card work Smart Cards have found many applications not only in the finance and payments industry but also in identity management, access control, logistics, healthcare, transportation, mobile communication, etc. As the applications of smart cards have grown, smart card technology has also evolved from simple magnetic stripe cards to […]

RFID Skimming – Understanding the Threats and Process

rfid skimming

RFID skimming is something that many regular folks may not fully understand despite that fact that they are likely the worse hit. As the world continues its march toward a complete dependence on technology, new challenges continue to emerge. RFID skimming is one of these challenges. Though not new, it may not be receiving the […]