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Addressing Privacy Concerns of Smart Home Devices

privacy smarthome

Privacy! How much does it mean to us? We all love the idea of walking into our homes and conveniently using our voices to control the lights, temperature, turn on the television, make a phone call, check our email, etc. You know all those stuff smart home devices offer. However, have we taken time to […]

Black Mirror Webcam Hack Episode – Today’s Reality

black mirror webcam hack episode

If you watched the ‘Black Mirror’ webcam hack episode, titled “Shut Up and Dance” and the whole scenes that played out on your screen seemed too far-fetched, then you need a very serious reality check. What you watched in that show was not a futuristic event but something that is currently happening. In fact, it […]

Phone Camera Spying Threats You Should be Aware of

Phone camera spying

We all pick up our phones and we boast about the quality of the front and back cameras. We take selfies and videos anywhere and everywhere. It really is fun. However, are you aware of the reality of phone camera spying? Did you know that your HD camera and crystal clear audio can be delivering […]

Understanding the Role of VPNs in Security and Privacy


Security and privacy are big issues in our world today. This is largely because the world is moving steadily and surely into a full blown digital age where almost everything is done across digital networks. With this increased reliance on the internet, the threat of cyber crimes has taken a new level of importance. More […]

Cyber Security – Child Tracking Watch Found to be Easy to Hack

cybersecurity children

Cyber security has not always been something that parents had to worry about. Parents have always been worried about where their child is and who the child is with. This concern has led many parents to adopt the use of technology in keeping tabs on their children. One of the devices parents now use is […]

Cybercrime – How Hackers Can Take Control of Your Webcam

cybercrime how hackers can take control of your webcam

While this post is not about teaching anyone the arts of cybercrime, it is likely that some of us may have been wondering how on earth someone can remotely take control of our laptop’s camera to be able to spy on us. It’s bad enough to know that someone can indeed be watching you through […]

Cyber Security – Major Predictions Ahead of 2021

As 2020 ends and the new year looms, we sadly cannot say that the cybersecurity issues of this year have been put behind us. If the predictions flying around are anything to go by, then we may be in for some rough times as far as cybersecurity is concerned in 2021. The Cyber Security Predictions […]

Cyber Security – 5 Reasons to Tape Off Your Webcams


Tape off my webcam, really? Yeah, Really? Wait until you go through these five of many possible reasons, then it will get a lot clearer to you. To give you a clue, all the reasons are centered around cyber security. Privacy If you love your privacy then you most certainly should cover those webcams. Imagine […]

Cybercrime: Far away or near?


Cybercriminals may use computer technology to access personal information, business trade secrets or use the internet for exploitative or malicious purposes. Criminals can also use computers, smartphone or other devices for communication and document or data storage. Criminals who perform these illegal activities are often referred to as hackers. Most common types of cybercrime are […]

Get a Webcam Cover Slide for Guaranteed Privacy

webcam cover slide

Does your laptop have a webcam? Of course it does and surely you use it for your video chats and conferencing. Have you gotten a webcam cover slide for that webcam? Is there a look of surprise on your face and are you asking yourself “what the heck is a webcam cover slide?” Well, if […]