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Using a Macbook Pro Webcam Cover for Improved Privacy Protection

macbook pro webcam cover

There was a time when Mac was regarded by most average users as almost hacker proof. Such users will not readily see the need to get a Macbook Pro webcam cover. Well, if you are one of those, you may need to rethink your belief. The main reason why Mac systems appeared to be hack […]

Webcam Cover Sticker: Affordable Anti-Spyware

webcam cover sticker

When most people hear or think of anti-spyware, they immediately think of a software you have to pay for annually. Well, while this is important, it may not always provide full privacy protection. However, something as simple as a webcam cover sticker is very effective and we will see why in a bit. In an […]

A Simple Laptop Webcam Cover Can Increase Your Privacy

laptop webcam cover

Do you know what a webcam cover is? If you do not know what it is and what it does, do not feel bad because you are not alone in this. When as far back as 2012 a company carried out a study to find out how many Americans were aware of the privacy risks […]

Laptop Camera Cover – Stop Peeping Toms and Improve Your Privacy

laptop camera cover spy-fy

Laptop camera cover? What’s that? Before we start explaining, let’s ask you a question. Did you know that someone could be spying on you right now through your laptop’s camera? Sounds scary and hair raising right? Well, that’s the reality we live in today and we must respond appropriately to this threat. Protecting yourself from […]

Laptop Camera Cover: Camera Sticker or Webcam Cover?

laptop camera cover

How to cover your camera on your laptop? Is webcam hacking a thing of the past, or does it become more relevant than ever? Many people have been asking this question to themselves and to be sure, they cover up the camera on their laptop. But what is the best way to cover the laptop […]

Webcam Cover Macbook

webcam cover macbook

Webcam Cover Macbook: what is your best choice? Apple’s Macbook is a beautiful and powerful device that deserves nothing less than a decent webcam cover to match its smooth design. However, most webcam covers are not suitable for the Macbook. Why not? Because Apple focuses on both the design and portability of their Macbooks. Therefore, […]

Is Strava safe to use? Privacy issues with fitness apps


Without using the privacy settings on Strava, a stranger could learn where you live, when you run, and where you run. Runners using fitness apps should consider the privacy risks. For example, Strava, a social fitness tracking app, has recently been criticized because users may not realize how public their personal information may be. The public […]