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iphone privacy case spy-fy camera cover
iphone privacy case camera cover

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World’s first iPhone case with front and rear camera covers

This iPhone case with camera covers simultaneously protects your iPhone from damage and prevents camera hacking. Cybercriminals want to access the cameras on your devices so that they can surveil or blackmail you. With this sleek and elegant privacy phone case, you can take back control of your digital privacy. Slide the iPhone camera cover into place and turn the lights off on any unwanted watchers.

Military grade protection: 6-foot / 2 meter drop tested

Air-cushion technology and a raised edge frame provides robust protection against accidental damage. Protection is the first priority of this trendy case.

iphone privacy case
iphone privacy case

Elegant Dutch design with an optimal fit

This sophisticated case with discrete iPhone camera covers proves that function does not have to be sacrificed for style.

Premium materials including chrome metal buttons and a thermoplastic polyurethane body are used to provide heavy-duty protection without compromising on accessibility in this iPhone case with camera covers.

Your iPhone remains fully functional

You can always use FaceID. Need to take a selfie? Simply slide open the cover for quick camera access. Then, slide it shut for instant privacy protection. The rear iPhone camera cover offers scratch protection, and the flashlight is operable, even when the camera is covered! Function and style work together in this clever privacy phone case.

iphone case camera covers

How your cell phone spies on you


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