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From virtual happy hours to Netflix Parties, many of us have found creative ways to have fun while staying inside and working from home due to the coronavirus. At Spy-Fy, we decided to use this opportunity to try out and review a new smart product, the NeuraSpud. Essentially, this product answers the question, why not practice social distancing and talk to your potato? For everyone out there who has wanted to ask their potato “What’s up?”, this is the gadget for you. The NeuraSpud turns any regular potato into a smart potato by decoding potato language through the AI processing of potato brainwaves. You can easily connect to your potato over bluetooth and begin to chat with your favorite spud. This trendy new gadget may make interactive smart gadgets like Alexa and Siri a thing of the past.

Summary of Spy-Fy’s NeuraSpud Privacy Review:

Overall, like any smart device you bring into your home, the NeuraSpud has the potential to collect and share data. Users should recognize this risk in their use of the NeuraSpud and might want to watch what they say in their conversations with this smart potato.

What is a smart potato?

The NeuraSpud was introduced at CES 2020, a trade show hosted by the Consumer Technology Association. It also has a funding page on Indiegogo. This video from the Indiegogo page explains the product and its function:

The idea behind this product is simple. More than 60,000 potatoes are born per second (according to NeuraSpud). But what are these potatoes thinking and feeling? In creating the NeuraSpud, it was found that gold electrodes could be used to send potato brain waves to an AI processor which is then able to translate the potato language.

Basically, by adding the smart potato interface to a regular potato, you can transform your potato into a smart potato. In our product testing, we found that this step could be completed with ease. Once the interface is inserted into the potato, your spud is connected to your device via bluetooth and you can begin to interact with it.

Smart Potato Privacy Review Cons:

privacy product review

  1. Unclear privacy policy
  2. No password required
  3. Uncertainty as to how data is collected/shared
  4. No security updates

Smart Potato Privacy Review Pros:

smart potato pros

  1. It’s a potato that talks to you…
  2. see pro #1
  3. Can a potato really pose a threat to our privacy?
  4. This might be the only smart gadget on the market that you can eat afterwards

At this point you might be wondering what does one even ask a potato? With all the possibilities, where should you start?? At Spy-Fy, we decided to ask something simple so that we could begin to assess how aware these smart potatoes really are. We asked our smart potato, “What day is it today?” Check below for the answer!! We couldn’t believe it ourselves!

April Fools Spy-Fy


If you hadn’t guessed already, the NeuraSpud is not a real product and this article is aimed at bringing a laugh and hopefully a smile to your face for April Fools day. Unfortunately, there are no magical talking potatoes… at least not yet. But it wasn’t all a joke – the smart potato was actually brought to the CES 2020 conference. According to an article by Forbes, the “inventor” Nicholas Baldeck brought the item to the show in order to make a point about smart gadgets that might not actually solve a problem and said, “I am skeptical of this idea of ‘connected everything.’ Now it looks like innovation is about putting a chip into any object. I’m not sure the word ‘smart’ makes more sense before the word toothbrush than the word potato.”

While imagining devices that could allow your potato to talk to you might be funny, protecting your privacy is no joke. The privacy concerns listed in our review are all concerns that have been associated with real smart devices that reside in many of our homes.

In fact, as highlighted by the inventor of the NeuraSpud, there are plenty of fake gadgets out there that may not be all that they advertise. One such privacy-related gadget currently being sold is a microphone blocker.

custom microphone blocker

Looks can be deceiving.

Many microphone blockers claim to help prevent hackers from eavesdropping on you from your devices.  Essentially, by plugging this product into your device, your device is tricked into thinking that there is an incoming audio signal. Because no signal is actually being sent, the receiving side should be silent. While this may or may not block audio from your audio jack, many of your devices have other hidden microphones. So, although you have blocked one source of audio, a smart hacker could find a different mic to compromise. While not as hip as a talking potato, the microphone blocker is one example of a product that may seem more useful than it actually is. As always, Spy-Fy values your digital privacy and encourages you to be #privacyaware when using smart gadgets and your devices. Don’t get fooled by fake gadgets on April Fools day, or any day of the year.

If you like the idea of privacy gadgets that actually work, check out Spy- Fy’s privacy gadgets.




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