Why you need an iPhone case with camera cover in 2022


In 2020, an iPhone case with a camera cover is a must-have. Without an iPhone camera cover, privacy risks are high. Our iPhones are almost literally connected to us at the hip – we take them everywhere. Imagine the potential consequences of a hijacked camera which is with us in many of our most private moments. The opportunity to collect sensitive information could make the camera’s an attractive target for hackers. The privacy risks just aren’t worth it, especially when trendy new case options are emerging. Style does not have to be sacrificed when keeping your iPhone cameras secure. Therefore, Spy-Fy has created a list of reasons why you should consider covering up your iPhone’s camera.

Why you need an iPhone case with a camera cover in 2022


1. You need an iPhone case with a camera cover because iPhone cameras can be hacked!

2. You need an iPhone case with a camera cover because of the functionality.

3. You need an iPhone case with a camera cover because you deserve privacy.

4. You need an iPhone case with a camera cover because it sends a message.

5. Privacy protection can be stylish!

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Spy-Fy iPhone Privacy Case Models available:

1. You need an iPhone case with a camera cover because iPhone cameras can be hacked!

Ryan Pickren, an ethical hacker, was recently paid $75,000 from Apple for exposing vulnerabilities that allowed him to successfully hijack an iPhone camera according to a recent Forbes article. Apple offers a bounty to researchers who are able to point out security flaws that can be exploited called the Apple Security Bounty. In this instance, a researcher found a security flaw that essentially meant that if a hacker could trick an individual into visiting a malicious site on Safari, then their camera could be hacked by accessing that camera via a site that was trusted on the iPhone (like Zoom or Skype). In the words of Pickren, “A bug like this shows why users should never feel totally confident that their camera is secure…”. The proof of the vulnerability was enough to get the bounty from Apple. Although this vulnerability is fixed, the proof has been established that iPhone hacking may be possible, and future hackers may not have the same ethical purposes as Pickren.

iPhone camera cover against spying
Your iPhone camera could be vulnerable to hackers.

2. You need an iPhone case with a camera cover because of the functionality.

iPhone Privacy Case camera covers
Don’t let hackers have 20/20 vision through your iPhone camera.

Many people may already be familiar with the risk of webcam hacking on one’s laptop or personal computer. Webcam covers have provided a practical solution to block out unwanted peeping toms from hacking our webcams. Smartphones like the iPhone present the same risk. Unlike our laptops or computers, our iPhones are smaller and may accompany us to many more places. This is what makes hacking a camera on an iPhone an attractive opportunity for malicious hackers. In the digital age we live in, the technological capabilities and means of hacking are sure to improve. Using an iPhone case with a camera cover keeps your privacy intact wherever you take your iPhone.

3. You need an iPhone Privacy Case because you deserve privacy.

We bring our smartphones with us everywhere. Did you know that a recent study on toilet texters found that 76% of iPhone users in the U.S. admit to using their iPhone while on the toilet? If that isn’t reason enough to use an iPhone camera cover, I’m not sure what is.

Cover the camera of your iphone
Some moments should be kept private, an iPhone camera cover helps it stay that way.

Consider all of the unethical reasons that someone might want to hack an iPhone:

  • to spy on a family member or track their activities
  • to gain access to sensitive information from competitors
  • to monitor employees at work
  • to record footage

Any of these potential scenarios represent an invasion of one’s basic right to privacy. Although Apple is working hard to keep iPhone cameras secure and unhackable, having an iPhone case with a camera cover takes away the “what ifs” by ensuring that the camera is covered and no one is peeking through.

4. Have a iPhone Privacy Case sends a message.

With many of the objects we choose to purchase and use, we are sending messages to others about what we believe in. For example, someone who sees you wearing a watch might think that you value time. When you choose to use an iPhone case with a camera cover, you are also sending a message: the message that you care about your privacy. iPhones are already seen as a status symbol in many places. By covering up the camera, you give yourself the ability to choose when the lens is ready for use, or when you would like to keep it blocked. This type of privacy gadget provides a visible reminder that your privacy is being protected. You can still enjoy the technology of today, without sacrificing or compromising on your personal privacy.

iphone 12 privacy case

5. Privacy protection can be stylish! Spy-Fy’s new iPhone case with a camera cover is coming soon…

One should not have to forgo their desire for style when selecting an iPhone case. In all seriousness, if you wanted, you could just stick a piece of opaque tape over your camera lens and have privacy protection – but this solution is tacky and will leave your camera lens dirty. Spy-Fy knows that privacy protection and style can go hand-in-hand, and has a trendy new iPhone case with a camera cover in the works that will soon be available for purchase. Spy-Fy’s case will provide an elegant solution to prevent iPhone camera hacking. Say no to hackers trying to peep through your iPhone camera and purchase an iPhone case with a camera cover in 2020.