Privacy without compromise.

Spy-Fy creates premium products to use today's technology, without having to sacrifice privacy.

Spy-Fy for your business

Custom privacy gear for every event. Show clients and employees how much you care about their digital privacy. Premium privacy products branded with your logo.

  • Privacy Kits
  • Webcam Covers
  • USB Data Blockers
  • Card Holders with RFID Protection

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Spy-Fy for you !

Guard your privacy at home, work, and on the road with our premium privacy gear. Our gadgets are easy to use, compatible with all of your devices, and effective in protecting your privacy. Designed in The Netherlands.

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Designed in the Netherlands

Together, we can give the gift of privacy awareness to friends, family and business relations.

Durable products

Military grade protection with sustainable packaging.

Privacy without compromise

Spy-Fy develops and manufactures accessible analog solutions to digital privacy problems.

Our customers love us!

Heath, London

Just perfect

The case is great quality and good design the case works great with the MagSafe. The case also provides good protection for the camera lenses. I would recommend it.

25-4-2023 - John, Emporia

The case not only protects my phone from scratches and drops

I recently bought an iPhone privacy case and I am really happy with it.  The case is made from strong materials that feel durable and solid. It fits my iPhone perfectly and doesn't add any unnecessary bulk or weight. The design is simple and looks good with my phone.  The privacy aspect is what really makes this case stand out. With this case, I can be sure that my camera's are covered.  Overall, I am really happy with my purchase of this iPhone privacy case. It provides me with the protection and privacy I need, without compromising on style or usability. I would recommend this case to anyone who values their privacy and wants to keep their phone safe.

30-3-2023 - Madison, Portland

Nice protection case

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Spy-Fy: Be the agent of your own privacy

In the digital age, protecting your privacy may seem like an impossible task. Spy-Fy provides simple yet effective privacy products that can’t be hacked.

Equip yourself with our Spy-Fy gear so that you can use today’s technology without having to sacrifice your digital privacy!

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We believe in privacy without compromise. Our goal is to create products that allow people to make use of today’s technology, without having to sacrifice their privacy.