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What is a Privacy Passport Cover?

In foreign hotels, you are often asked for your passport. Without thinking about it, you hand it over and a copy is made.
But did you know that this is not without risk? As many as 1.2 million people fell victim to this so-called identity fraud last year.

That's why we developed the Spy-Fy Privacy Passport Cover. This premium passport cover covers your BSN and passport photos so you can safely have your passport copied anywhere if needed.

What does the Privacy Passport Cover protect?

Protect your employees, customers and associates from identity fraud. The Privacy Passport Cover has the following privacy features:

  • Securely have a passport copied abroad;
  • Covers BSN and passport photos;
  • Features a Security Sticker. This lets you know when the passport has been removed from the cover;
  • RFID Blocking protects against unwanted digital reading;
  • The QR Code links to, an informative website that explains why you cover your passport. So you avoid disagreements at the hotel desk;
  • Made of polyurethane, a high-quality alternative to leather.

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Customized Passport Cover

The Spy-Fy Privacy Passport Cover offers your Dutch passport effective protection against identity fraud. The cover intentionally hides sensitive personal information including your BSN and passport photos. This prevents others from distributing fraud-sensitive copies. Additionally, the Security Label prevents the passport from being removed from the cover without your knowledge. The built-in RFID protection prevents the passport chip from unauthorized readings. The QR code printed on the cover refers to the platform This platform explains the purpose and function of the Privacy Passport Cover in 12
world languages. This ensures that your passport is appropriately handled both at home and abroad.


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