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What defines the Spy-Fy brand?

Spy-Fy® offers a variety of premium products designed to protect your digital privacy. From stainless steel webcam covers to data blocking charging cables and privacy passport covers, adding Spy-Fy® to your range of products will offer your customers an accessible and elegant way to protect their digital privacy.

What are Spy-Fy’s privacy products?

  • Spyslide® Webcam Cover: The thinnest and most elegant webcam cover in the world. With a thickness of only 0.6 mm, it is compatible with any laptop, Macbook or tablet.
  • Spy-Fy® Privacy Kit: The complete kit for your digital privacy needs. This luxury kit contains the webcam cover, RFID blocking card and USB data blocker. Protect yourself at home or on the go with the Spy-Fy® Privacy Kit.
  • JuiceBack® Data Blocking Cable: This modern nylon charging cable ensures that your smartphone or tablet cannot be hacked while it charges at public USB ports.

    Available in Lightning USB (iPhone & iPads), USB-C and Micro USB.
  • Spy-Fy® Privacy Passport Cover: This passport cover protects you against identity fraud. By placing your passport inside this cover, personal information like your passport photo is concealed. The built-in RFID blocking funtion keeps your passport chip from being read.
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Does Spy-Fy fit in your store?

The Spy-Fy® brand is increasing in relevance every day. The digitization of society has lead to an ever-growing number of privacy related issues. It is only logical that people feel the need to protect themselves from the uncertainties that this transition entails.

With the high-quality look of these premium products, the Spy-Fy® range is well-suited for:

  • Consumer Electronic stores (Best Buy, Target)
  • In-Flight Shopping (KLM, Lufthansa, Emirates)
  • Department Stores (Macy’s, Nordstrom)

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