The Original Spyslide® Webcam Cover 3-Pack | Black or Silver

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Our most sold Webcam Cover!

The Spyslide® Webcam Cover is an elegant webcam cover made from high quality stainless steel that is just 0.023 inches / 0.6mm thick. The Spyslide is durable yet thin enough so that you can close any MacBook or laptop with ease.

Due to its simple sliding system, you can easily open and close your webcam, whenever and wherever you want.

  • Dutch Inspired Design
  • Installed and ready for use in 5 seconds or less
  • Compatible with all laptops, Macbooks, tablets & smartphones
  • Made from elegant durable stainless steel
  • Measurements 14mm (w) x 8mm (h) x 0.6mm (t)
  • Free Shipping
  • Estimated delivery time between 5 – 10 business days

Already more than 100,000 Spyslide Webcam Covers have been sold since 2014. The original, most sold, and best webcam cover on the market.

With your own logo from 100 pieces

Whether you’re busy working at the office or relaxing in the comfort of your own home, your privacy is at risk. Any unsecured webcam on phones or laptops around you presents the possibility of webcam espionage. But fear no more, in one simple sliding motion you can decide to take back control of your webcam. Stop webcam snoops in their tracks and worry no more about unwanted visitors peeping through the other side of your webcam.

What is a webcam cover?

A webcam cover is a gadget that blocks a device’s camera. Since 2013, webcam hacking has been a regular item in the news cycle. Laptops, smartphones, and tablets alike have all fallen victim to webcam snoops. Covering the webcam is a hands-on solution to a digital privacy problem.

Why use our webcam slide and not a sticker?

The truth of the matter is both our Spyslide and a sticker can stop undesirable webcam hacking. However, the key difference lies in functionality. When you attach a webcam sticker to your camera you run into one of two scenarios either a) with a permanent sticker, your webcam is covered forever and subsequently out of use for the lifetime of your device or b) with a temporary sticker, you must constantly remove and reapply new stickers every time you want to use your webcam, costing you time and money.

With our Spyslide, you get the functionality you deserve at an affordable price. You buy it once, and can use it for the lifetime of your device. With a webcam slide, all it takes is a simple sliding motion to open your camera for use, and another to slide to shut it when you’re done! Made of stainless steel, the Spyslide is durable yet still thin enough so that you can close your laptop with ease. Unlike cheap plastic alternatives on the market which are often super thick or very fragile, the Spyslide is slim and strong. Guarantee that your privacy is secured in a simple yet elegant manner with the Spyslide Webcam cover.

Instruction Manual

Spyslide Webcam Cover manual

Available since our 2015 launch on Indiegogo!


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