iPhone 14 Pro Max Privacy Case

  • Enhanced Case Design
  • Designed in The Netherlands
  • Air Cushion Technology
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The iPhone 14 Pro Max Privacy Case is the pinnacle of protection and privacy. Featuring slide-to-cover camera shields for both the front and rear cameras, this case allows you to manage your privacy while preserving the sophisticated functionality of your device. Enjoy effortless access to all features, including Face ID and the flashlight, complemented by a stylish, minimalist Dutch design.

Amidst growing concerns over digital security, our iPhone 14 Pro Max Privacy Case is an essential accessory for anyone seeking to safeguard their private life from prying eyes. The precision sliders offer a seamless way to protect your cameras at a moment’s notice, ensuring that hackers cannot exploit your device. Rely on this case to deliver unparalleled quality and protection, enhancing your phone's aesthetics while fortifying its defenses.

To avoid ordering the wrong Privacy Case; please check that the model of your iPhone is the same model as this Privacy Case before purchasing. You can do this by going to your Settings > General > About > Model Name


Weight 1.80 oz | 51 g
Height 6.50 inches | 16.51 cm
Width 3.23 inches | 8.20 cm
Lens Clearance 0.039 inches | 1 mm
Screen Protector -0.039 inch | 1mm off display size