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custom privacy kit
custom privacy kit

What is the Privacy Kit?

The Privacy Kit is a luxury gift box that contains 3 essential products to protect the digital privacy of your employees and clients. All to be fully customised with your logo!

A wonderful privacy give-away with strong brand exposure.


What's in the Privacy Kit?

  • Webcam Cover: With this handy webcam slider, you have control over what you want to share. A practical and elegant solution against webcam espionage.
  • USB Data Blocker: This USB connector blocks unauthorized data transfer. Charge your phone and tablet safely while using public charging stations.
  • RFID Blocking Card: Protect all your cards against wireless theft and manipulation. Place the RFID Blocking Card in your wallet and feel more secure.
  • Information Brochure: After following the steps of this simple and straightforward instruction manual, your privacy gadgets will be ready to go in under a  minute.
custom privacy kit
custom privacy kit

What are the branding options?

All privacy gadgets, the gift box, and the information brochure can be fully customized to fit your corporate needs. Let us help get you started straight away!

Printable dimensions:

  • Privacy Kit: 4.33 x 4.33 in | 11 x 11 cm
  • Webcam Cover Air: 0.7(W) x 0.35(H) in | 18(W) x 9(H) mm
  • USB Data Blocker: 1.1(L) x 1.0(W) in | 28(L) x 26(W) mm
  • RFID Blocking Card: 3,35(W) x 3,13(H) in | 85(W) x 54(H) mm
  • Download printable surfaces PDF

Including your own custom information brochure.

privacy kit brochure

Our clients include:

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quick and clear ordering process spy-fy

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5,000 $ 7.50 5 - 15 working days
10,000 $ 7.10 5 - 15 working days
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* Prices shown include printed branded luxury gift box, branded webcam cover, branded RFID Blocker Card, branded USB Data Blocker, accompanying card, and design assistance.
* Lead time depends on quantity.
* Prices are subject to change.

What our customers say...

Igore Mad
6 months ago
Great customer service great Flat device, GET ONE, hell get a few and pas it to friends
Stan Raijmakers
9 months ago
Excellent quality for the prices they ask and superb service. Highly recommend spyfy!
Nahuel Mina
6 months ago
Excellent products to protect our privacy online.
Dorus Manders
9 months ago
Easy as 1 2 3! Perfect protection of your privacy! Highly recommended!!
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