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usb data blocker bedrukken
usb data blocker bedrukken

What is a USB Data Blocker?

Not to be confused with a USB Stick, our Data Blocker is a USB connector that keeps your files and photos safe! It will block unauthorized data transfers when charging your phone or tablet at public charging stations including places like airports, train stations, or shopping malls.

You can now brand the USB Data Blocker with your own logo. This unique opportunity could give your brand the privacy boost it needs!



  • Starting at $ 1.85 / € 1.55 per USB Data Blocker
  • Includes customized business card with your logo
  • Delivered within 5 to 15 business days
  • Free design assistance
  • Personalized USB Data Blockers starting from 100 units
USB Datenblocker bedrucken
usb data blocker met logo

What are the printing options?

The USB Data Blocker can be full color branded with your logo. The accompanying business card contains a user manual and can be customized to suit your needs. Let's get started with a free sample.

Printable surfaces:

Examples of the branded USB Data Blocker:

Our clients include:

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quick and clear ordering process spy-fy

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Price overview

100 $ 8.95 5 - 15 working days
250 $ 5.20 5 - 15 working days
500 $ 3.55 5 - 15 working days
1,000 $ 2.90 5 - 15 working days
2,500 $ 2.45 5 - 15 working days
5,000 $ 2.20 5 - 15 working days
10,000 $ 2.05 5 - 15 working days
>10,000 on request on request

* Prices shown include full color printing on both sides, the accompanying business card, and design assistance
* Prices are subject to change.

What our customers say...

Igore Mad
6 months ago
Great customer service great Flat device, GET ONE, hell get a few and pas it to friends
Stan Raijmakers
9 months ago
Excellent quality for the prices they ask and superb service. Highly recommend spyfy!
Nahuel Mina
6 months ago
Excellent products to protect our privacy online.
Dorus Manders
9 months ago
Easy as 1 2 3! Perfect protection of your privacy! Highly recommended!!

More information about a custom USB Data Blocker

Why do I need an USB Data Blocker?

Imagine traveling to an unfamiliar country you've never been to before. You're running out of battery and would like to send that "I have arrived" text to your friends and family. The first thing you'd like to do is charge your phone. But where? The public charging stations at airports offer USB portals that provide current to charge your phone. However, research has shown that these public USB Charing Stations aren't always the safest bet. That's when you could you use the USB Data Blocker. You simply plug the USB Data Blocker in between your iPhone and the public charging station. The USB Data Blocker now prevents unauthorized data transfer, thereby making sure you can charge your phone with an ease of mind.

Is there a difference between USB Data Blocker, USB Condom or Juice Jack Defener?

No, these are just different namings for the same product. They all perform the same task. To make sure you can charge your devices safe at any public USB Charging Station. Stay safe!

How can the USB Data Blocker be branded with my logo?

The USB Data Blocker, USB Condom, or Juice Jack Defender can be full color branded on both sides of the USB. Additionally we ship your custom USB Data Blockers with an accompanying card that includes a comprehensive manual.

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