Spy-Fy MacBook Webcam Cover Nano Suction

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EASY TO USE & REUSE: Simply apply Spy-fy nano Webcam Covers over your camera, press and hold for 1 second, remove, and place the cover next to your camera. Repeat this process on all your devices, and protect your privacy all over again.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Spy-Fy Nano Webcam Covers work with all devices, including the newest MacBook. So, no matter what gadgets you own, you can be sure that your privacy is protected.

NANO SUCTION TECHNOLOGY: Our Nano Suction technology ensures that the cover leaves no residue, is reusable, and anti-scratch, unlike regular sticker covers that are messy and hard to remove.

ULTRA-THIN DESIGN: At only 0.014 inches (0.36mm)  thick, Spy-Fy Nano Webcam Covers are ultra-thin and won't interfere with the closure of your MacBook, making it easy to use. 

PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY: With Spy-Fy Nano Webcam Covers, you can be the agent of your own privacy, ensuring that your personal data stays safe from hackers and unauthorized surveillance.


Looking for a simple but effective solution to prevent unauthorized surveillance on your gadgets? Look no further than Spy-fy nano Webcam Covers! With patented design and universal compatibility, these premium covers offer a hassle-free way to control your privacy on all your devices.

Each pack comes with 7 dot-shaped covers that you can use on your laptop, PC, desktop computer, iPad, iPhone, tablet, and other smartphones. Thanks to Nano Suction technology, installation is neat and secure, with no messy residue or gunk left behind. And if you need to remove or reposition the covers, simply rinse with water to regain stickiness and remove dirt.

Spy-fy nano Webcam Covers are designed to quickly enable or disable your webcam, so you can be sure that you're only sharing video when you want to. And with the assurance of industry-leading design and construction, you can be confident that your privacy and data are protected from hacking.

Whether you're working from home or using your gadget while on the road, Spy-fy offers state-of-the-art cybersecurity-related products that aim to protect your privacy and data. Don't let hackers spy on you - stay hacker-safe in this digital age with Spy-fy nano Webcam Covers.