Cyber Security - 5 Reasons to Tape Off Your Webcams

Cyber Security - 5 Reasons to Tape Off Your Webcams

Tape off my webcam, really? Yeah, Really? Wait until you go through these five of many possible reasons, then it will get a lot clearer to you. To give you a clue, all the reasons are centered around cyber security.


If you love your privacy then you most certainly should cover those webcams. Imagine walking around your home in your birthday suit, free of all care, knowing no one is watching (or so you think). A few days later, you get an email with a video showing you walking around your own home NAKED!

You were indeed alone that day, but someone had hacked into your computer and was having a fun time spying on you through your own webcam. If no other reason should push you to quickly go get a webcam cover, then this most certainly should.

Be Like the FBI

According to Business Insider, when John Carlin, former Assistant Attorney General, asked former FBI director James Comey “Do you still have a piece of tape over your cameras at home?” His simple answer was “Heck yeah, oh, heck yeah!”

We all know that the FBI has tons of information and access to a lot more. If the head of such a powerful security organization can say this, you better know more than he does to disagree.

Emulate Mark Zuckerberg

If there is one social media platform that is hugely impacting the world today, it is Facebook. Mark obviously knows a thing or two about cyber security so if he covers his webcams (and he does), you should too. Unless again, you know more about these matters than he does.

Avoid Blackmail

In point one above, we looked at the possibility of someone spying on you while in your birthday suit. Depending on who you are, the hacker may decide to take it a notch higher by blackmailing you. You cannot afford to live under the threat of someone releasing nasty videos of you, forcing you to part with your hard earned money. Simply covering that webcam can save you from all that.

It’s Cheap Cyber Security

Thankfully, unlike many other cyber security tools, this is very cheap and easy to use. No upgrades, no monthly payments, no installations etc. Simply stick it on and your privacy is assured.

There you have it, five reasons you should get up right now and cover that webcam.

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