How to change your privacy settings on iPhone?

How to change your privacy settings on iPhone?

Do you ever feel monitored or tracked while browsing the internet? Like when you search for something online, the next thing you know you are flooded with adverts for it. Everything you do online is secretly monitored and recorded and this very thing becomes the tool for many advertising companies. They built their networks by exploiting our data. The exploitation of personal data and selling them online is the sheer invasion of personal privacy and security. Hence, Safari Privacy Settings For Iphone and data security have become more than a buzzword today. Companies like Spy-Fy have taken steps to protect our digital privacy and make products that cease this monetization of personal data.

Apple is apt in giving its users privacy and inclusivity. It has spawned devices like iPhones, iPods and MacBook. Safari is a popular tool used for browsing. It is also known for its privacy. Though the privacy options are limited, they are handy in giving you the needed security and privacy.


There are only six options juggling with under privacy and security. These include

  • Prevent Cross-Site tracking
  • Hide IP address
  • Block All Cookies
  • Fraudulent Website Warning
  • Privacy-preserving Ad Measurement
  • Check for Apple Pay
  • You can either enable or disable them through your toggle button according to your preferences. If the ‘prevent cross-site tracking’ is disabled, you will be served with the adverts for your related search. You can also hide the IP address from the trackers. By enabling ‘privacy-preserving admeasurement ‘, the browser will help the websites/advertisers to click on the ads while preserving privacy. By toggling off the ‘block all cookies’ option, you will receive the website notifications on your browser. The ‘fraudulent website warning’ and ‘check for Apple pay’ options are advised to be toggled on to prevent unnecessary intrusions and hacking. You can click on About Safari &Privacy to get a description of each one or read more below


    Here are the few steps to enable safari privacy settings

  • Open the Settings app on the iPhone
  • Scroll down to Safari browser and select Safari settings
  • From Safari settings, scroll down to Privacy & security section
  • Enable or disable the toggle buttons to prevent trackers and data breaches
  • Figure 2 How to enable your safari privacy settings on iPhone

    It is also advised to clear your browsing history and website data frequently to protect your data. If you aren’t sure what to do, you can leave your settings on default.

    The Apple Safari browser is known for built-in privacy and security combinations. You can optimize a few extra options to strengthen security. Blocking all the website trackers and restricting the site read phone status and data can also ensure data security. Plus, blocking certain unused features such as Apple Pay and browser cookies from all the sites that you visit on your safari browser can also serve the purpose.  Thus, these Safari Privacy Settings For Iphone will warrant your data security and privacy and will avoid data breaches and theft.

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