Internet Security: Why You Should Cover Your Webcam

Internet Security: Why You Should Cover Your Webcam

Protecting your privacy while navigating online should be a number one priority to any person spending a considerable amount of time on the internet.  

Sometimes, it may be easy to think that cyberattacks only happen to big companies and friends, and that they would never actually happen to you. This line of thinking is pretty dangerous; the safest bet would be to assume everybody is vulnerable to this type of stuff, including you.

always cover your webcam.

Covering your webcam is a fairly popular precaution, and you may have seen a couple of your friends doing it. On a superficial level, some might think it’s a decision propelled by some sort of paranoia, but the truth is that if hackers can invade your email or social media, they can certainly do the same thing with your webcam coverage.

In this article, we’ll talk a bit about how these cybercriminals can gain access to your cameras and what you can do to protect yourself against this and other types of cybercriminal activities.

Why You Should Cover Your Webcam

Approximately 90% of the data breaches that happened back in 2021 were cyber-attack related. That should draw you a picture of how many ill-intentioned people are constantly working to illegally acquire other people’s personal information. 

Hackers can use your private info to do anything from gaining access to your social media and bank accounts, to using the personal info acquired to extort and blackmail their victims, asking for variable sums of money to not release the material to the public. 

In order to successfully do things such as gain access to your laptop’s webcam, hackers can use many methods. One of the most common ways they can gain access to your computer and webcam is through malwares, which can be commonly (and unknowingly) installed in your laptop by clicking on suspicious links in emails or downloading shady programs. 

Just one solid malware is enough to give invaders access to the files on your computer, images and audio from your webcam, and even full access to your computer controls. They can use all of these resources to push you into a very stressful and sensitive situation.

Ways of Protecting Your Webcam and Personal Info

Covering your webcam is a valid measure and would indeed avoid your personal image getting exposed inappropriately. However, it could be considered a half measure to a certain extent. Because, if a hacker already gained access to your webcam, that means they probably can access the personal files in your computer too.

Lucky for you, there’s alternatives to “cover” your whole computer just as you cover your webcam, providing a more effective safety net. Some simple things you can do to prevent cyber attacks of any kind are:

  • Good antivirus software: A good antivirus software will alert you about suspicious links and programs possibly containing malware, or will even eliminate malwares already present in your computer in some cases.  
  • Keep OS and programs updatated: Cyber attackers are constantly finding ways to breach the security system of programs and softwares. That’s why it’s important to always use the most recent version available for any program or even operational system, since that version will be the one with the most important security updates.
  • Change the password of wireless webcams: There’s two common types of webcams: built-in and wireless. Built-in webcams don’t have any sort of password, but wireless ones could have their protection upgraded by changing the default password into a new and more complex password.
  • Use a sliding webcam cover: Many people cover their webcams in an improvised manner, using a sticker or something similar to that. However, there are more appropriate ways to do it. You can acquire a sliding webcam cover, which is made with the sole purpose of covering (and uncovering) your webcam in a fast and efficient fashion. 

Where You Can Get a Webcam Cover

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