A Simple Laptop Webcam Cover Can Increase Your Privacy

A Simple Laptop Webcam Cover Can Increase Your Privacy

Do you know what a webcam cover is? If you do not know what it is and what it does, do not feel bad because you are not alone in this. When as far back as 2012 a company carried out a study to find out how many Americans were aware of the privacy risks that webcams posed, the result was shocking.

The study showed that about 51% of laptop owners were not even aware that their webcams could be hacked. If they were not aware that their webcam could be hacked, how will they know what a webcam cover is?

Get this! Did you know that hackers can take control of your webcam? Yes, complete control! If you are reading this from your laptop, look at your webcam and imagine some unknown person peeping at you through it. The mere thought of it can be very scary.

To give you an idea of how serious this issue is, did you know that Mark Zuckerberg covers his laptop’s webcam? Hopefully, that gives you an idea of how real this risk is.

How a Webcam Cover Ensures 100% Privacy

According to the director of security response at Norton by Symantec, Kevin Haley users need to maintain what he calls basic security practices. These practices include:

  • Keeping your operating system up to date
  • Using competent security programs.
  • Being carefully of the links and attachments you open.

This advice is a good place to start. However, Mark Zuckerberg likely knows these and also likely uses the best of security software but still covers his webcam. What does this tell you?

Simple! No matter the security software you use, it cannot provide 100% protection. It is only with a webcam cover that you can enjoy a fuller privacy protection from webcam hackers.

Indeed, the webcam cover cannot prevent hacking. You will need the security software for that. However, your privacy will still not be compromised even if the security software is somehow by-passed.

It’s a simple but effective solution. Place the webcam cover over your webcam and even if a hacker succeeds, s/he won’t see anything.

So, join Mark Zuckerberg and other highly security conscious individuals to prevent webcam spying. Get a webcam cover and increase your privacy protection.

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