Webcam Cover Sticker: Affordable Anti-Spyware

Webcam Cover Sticker: Affordable Anti-Spyware

When most people hear or think of anti-spyware, they immediately think of a software you have to pay for annually. Well, while this is important, it may not always provide full privacy protection. However, something as simple as a webcam cover sticker is very effective and we will see why in a bit.

In an article written by Kim Boatman for popular online security company, Norton, this issue was discussed. The article was titled “Are Hackers Using Your Webcam to Watch You?

The article narrates the story of an IT security expert who had his laptop hacked by what he described as a “script kiddie”. The hacker was able to take control of his web cam and take pictures of him. The hacker, wanting to show-off his achievement, sent the pictures to him via email.

Now, that was an IT security expert. If that could happen to a security expert, imagine what can happen to you and I who have only just managed to master how to put on our laptops. One thing we can deduce from that article is that no anti-virus or anti-spyware can provide 100% protection from webcam hackers: The Spyslide webcam cover.

However, where all else has failed, the highly affordable and simple to use webcam cover sticker excels.

How a Webcam Cover Sticker Offers Full Privacy Protection

The solution this little invention offers is sheer simplicity in itself. It requires no programing, no “techy” installation and no monthly or yearly subscription. It is what it is – a sticker. It’s so simple to use that even a child can conveniently use it.

Here’s how it works. Stick it over the webcam and that’s it. Sounds so simple right? But it offer 100% privacy protection from voyeurs. This is because it simply blocks the view of the camera.

Note this, it does not prevent a hacker from getting control of your webcam. It simply prevents the hacker from being able to see anything from the webcam.

The hacker meets a black wall after gaining control of your webcam and getting ready to peep. Your privacy is protected and the hacker’s efforts are wasted.

Finally, for best results, be sure to combine and effective firewall with your webcam cover sticker. The webcam cover sticker will act as a last line of defense should the firewall be successfully breached.

Now you know why you need a webcam cover sticker. Get one now and enjoy your privacy.

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