Why giveaways promote your sales and create a positive work environment

Why giveaways promote your sales and create a positive work environment

The holidays are a time of giving and giveaways. Whether to your employees or other business relations, gifts have become essential to many of the greatest entrepreneurs. During Christmas and at the beginning of the new year, it has become quite normal to provide gifts and show your appreciation to your business relationship. Simply as a sign of respect. What is often overlooked, however, is the value and importance of giveaways throughout the year. 

There are ample reasons why a business owner should have a well-thought-through strategy for giveaways. In fact, research shows that giveaways increase the frequency in which people talk about your company. Although some might deem it necessary and forced, there is an unmatched value in the sign of appreciation that gifts imply. 

So, what is the philosophy behind a creative giveaway, and how does it enhance your relationships? 

The benefits of giveaways for your employees

While it is important to strategize giveaways for individuals outside your company, it is even more important to have an optimal work environment within it. Four reasons in particular should convince any entrepreneur to deem giveaways for their employees as a valuable asset to their business strategies.

1. Giveaways and gifts for business owners to improve coworker relationships

Employees come in every day and work for your company. It’s easy to forget that they spend eight to 10 hours of everyday working and commuting, just to make your company successful. Indeed, many employees see their computer screen t work more often than their family during working days. It goes without saying that this should be appreciated, something which you can show through small giveaways. 

2. Create a positive work environment with original giveaways

A giveaway doesn’t only provide your employees with something useful, it more so shows that you care about them and know them; especially if adjusted to specific employees. Taking time out of your day is already a gift, and adjusting the giveaway to the specific employee shows even greater appreciation for them. 

For example, if you know one employee likes reading, give them a gift card for a book. But then again, somebody who doesn’t like reading at all wouldn’t really appreciate such a thing. Be aware of your employees and their preferences to boost someone’s morale in the best way. 

Giving makes you happier

In the same vein, research shows that giving and doing things for others improves happiness levels. That is, for the one that is giving rather than receiving. Of course, the receiver will also be happier, but a gesture of appreciation does wonders for your own mindset and levels of happiness.

3.  Want to increase productivity? Use original giveaways

Eight or more hours of work every day. How to stay productive?

While most opt for coffee to keep productivity up, giveaways might be an equally good option. Efficiency and productivity are necessarily dependent on group dynamics and relationships. These, in turn, are enhanced through giveaways. 

This is because of multiple reasons, not for the least because you will have a new and vibrant topic of conversation. When someone feels appreciated, they will be more motivated to actually work in a way that contributes to the goal of the company. The combination of appreciation and an informal environment will assure that your employees don’t mind working for you, but actually like doing it.

4. Determination and trust

Burn outs and other stress related diseases are on the rise. Be it because of the endless Zoom hours or just the overall workload, employees have to go through a lot just to get their salary. Giveaways at different moments don’t overcome the whole problem, but will emphasize that you understand this. Also, it shows that you care about creating an adequate social environment for your employees to function in. Problems will be discussed easier, leading to more valuable relationships. Even outside the work floor. 

Giveaways for internet workers

Reasons and moments for giveaways

It should be clear, an employee should have more incentive to go to work and feel appreciated than just getting their salary. Rather, giveaways make sure your employees show up and are dedicated to work on a shared goal. Boosting someone’s morale like this can improve their experience at work and even give their life greater meaning. Everyone likes to be uplifted, and showing an employee that you listen to and care about their interests is an easy way to have a positive impact overall.

But, what are the best moments for giveaways?

Birthdays and general meetings

Really, there is no one way to go about this. However, birthdays are definitely a good place to start. With all the information available to managers and business owners, it should be easy to know the birthdays of anyone within the company.

Other than that, general meetings and work anniversaries are a great moment to give some more general giveaways. Ideally, these giveaways are also beneficial for your company overall, like small giveaways surrounding online privacy. 

Promotional giveaways to increase sales

Thus far, giveaways for employees have been the main topic. However, the value of promotional giveaways should not be underestimated. They can be a great way to increase collaboration opportunities, brand awareness, and overall sales. You can either give away presents to your customers or organize a competition.

Many sectors ranging from cosmetics and finance to technology and hospitality use these techniques to reach a far larger audience. Everybody appreciates the possibility of receiving stuff for free, and many consumers especially like the opportunity to share prospective gifts with their friends. 

How to go about promotional giveaways
Especially when you use customized giveaways, the awareness of your brand will be spread naturally through the individuals that use your products. Imagine encountering someone random in a coffee shop, using a webcam cover with your logo on it. Although it’s easy to make and give away, the promotion for your company works itself out through the people that move around with your logo’s.

Use a marketing plan for promotional giveaways, and have clear what is the exact reason for your giveaway. What do you want to achieve? What channels can you use? If you have clear what the goals are, you should be on your way to increased sales and brand awareness. 

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