USB Data Blocker: Prevent Juice Jacking, charge your device safely anywhere | 3-Pack

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Spy-Fy USB Data blocker / USB condom

Do you often use public charging stations or different computers to charge your devices?

The Spy-Fy USB Data Blocker is an innovative privacy protection gadget that plugs in between the power source and your device. It will protect your smartphone or tablet from viruses, malware attacks or any unwanted synchronization or data transfer. Versatile and easy to use, the USB Data Blocker will fit in any USB port.

Designed in the Netherlands and built from premium materials, the USB Data Blocker is both stylish and super durable. The small and compact size of the device will allow you to take it everywhere on your travels.

Key Features:

  • Blocks Viruses, Malware while charging.
  • Prevents any unwanted data transfers.
  • Designed in the Netherlands.
  • Made from high quality aluminum: Built to last!
  • Estimated delivery time between 5 – 10 business days

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