iPhone 12 Pro Max Privacy Case

  • Designed in The Netherlands
  • Front (selfie) and Rear Camera Cover
  • Face ID & Flashlight Stays Functional
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From the bedroom to the bathroom, our smartphones travel with us wherever we go, even when we are in our most private moments. Imagine what could happen if someone gained access to these cameras without you knowing? The new iPhone 12 Pro Max Privacy Case with Camera Covers simultaneously protects your iPhone and your privacy. A simple slide system on both the front and rear camera prevents camera hacking at all times. The iPhone Privacy Case does NOT limit the use of Face ID, flashlight, or any other functionality for that matter.

The iPhone Privacy Case is a collaboration between Spy-Fy® and Valenta. 
Toilet texters and Netflix and chillers can probably agree that there are some moments we'd rather keep to ourselves. Unsecured cameras on your iPhone present the possibility that someone else might be peeping in on your most private moments. Worry not; with an iPhone 12 Pro Max privacy case with camera cover, you can take back control of your privacy. Stop iPhone camera hacking and reclaim your private moments.

To avoid ordering the wrong Privacy Case; please check that the model of your iPhone is the same model as this Privacy Case before purchasing. You can do this by going to your Settings > General > About > Model Name


Weight 46g
Height 6.5 inches
Width 3.27 inches
Lens Clearance 1mm
Screen Protector -1mm off display size (6.066-inch)