iPhone 14 Plus Privacy Case

  • Air Cushion Technology
  • Designed in The Netherlands
  • Front (selfie) and Rear Camera Cover
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The iPhone 14 Plus Privacy Case combines elegance with privacy. Equipped with dual sliding camera covers, it offers total control over your camera's exposure to prevent unauthorized viewing. The case supports full functionality of Face ID and the flashlight while providing a chic, minimalist design that complements your iPhone.

Beyond mere aesthetics, this case is a necessity in a world where digital espionage and iPhone hacking are real threats. The sophisticated sliding cover design ensures that your private moments, whether they’re calls or photos, remain private. With this case, you are investing in peace of mind, quality protection, and a design that upholds the integrity of your iPhone's functionality and appearance.

To avoid ordering the wrong Privacy Case; please check that the model of your iPhone is the same model as this Privacy Case before purchasing. You can do this by going to your Settings > General > About > Model Name


Weight 1.80 oz | 51 g
Height 6.50 inches | 16.51 cm
Width 3.23 inches | 8.20 cm
Lens Clearance 0.039 inches | 1 mm
Screen Protector -0.039 inch | 1mm off display size