iPhone 14 Privacy Case

  • Enhanced Case Design
  • Front (selfie) and Rear Camera Cover
  • 6 feet / 2 Meter Droptested
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Ensure your private moments stay private with the iPhone 14 Privacy Case. This sleek, durable case features a unique sliding system for both front and rear cameras, allowing you to control when your cameras are exposed. Designed with Dutch simplicity and engineered to prevent camera hacking, this case does not compromise Face ID or flashlight functionality.

In today’s digital age, securing your personal information is more crucial than ever. Our iPhone 14 Privacy Case offers a stylish solution to camera and iPhone hacking risks. With precision-engineered sliders that provide instant camera coverage, this case ensures your privacy is always protected. Trust in our commitment to high-quality materials and design to not only secure your device but also enhance its usability and aesthetic appeal.

To avoid ordering the wrong Privacy Case; please check that the model of your iPhone is the same model as this Privacy Case before purchasing. You can do this by going to your Settings > General > About > Model Name


Weight 1.62 oz | 46 g
Height 5.94 inches | 15.09 cm
Width 3 inches | 7.62 cm
Lens Clearance 0.039 inches | 1 mm
Screen Protector -0.039 inch | 1mm off display size